Becky Hill
Leicester, UK

Bio: I love life. Life is full of wonder, excitement and challenge. Sometimes life is amazing but it's not always easy and not always fun. However, life is always an adventure, a precious divine gift. I journey through life with my husband, 2 daughters and many other friends and family. Learning, growing, leading, listening, inspiring, creating, asking questions and helping others to grow. So that together we can discover what life is all about. In January 2015 I fell from a ladder and for three years I suffered with daily debilitating neurological symptoms and unbearable daily pain due to a spinal CSF leak. I am currently in recovery from my CSF leak, yet in 2018 I continue to suffer with some residual neurological issues that are slowly improving. I currently serve in pastoral ministry alongside my husband at Life Church, Leicester, UK. http://www.lifechurch.co.uk Email me at beckyhillblog@outlook.com or follow me @beckyhill3 on Twitter

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  1. I sent a follow up email and there may be additional contact, so I’m hoping there will be a more effective way to connect. Pamela


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Writing to explore what life is about. Amidst its captivating beauty and deepest pain. In the hope that we can learn, grow and be inspired together.

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