Living With a Spinal CSF Leak.

It’s an utterly debilitating condition. It’s not good for anyone’s physical and mental health to have to lie flat in bed all day. And yet some people are left that way, long term, because Doctors don’t know what to do with them. They don’t understand how to treat them.


So the never-ending battle continues but 2020 brought new gains that I never imagined could come without more invasive procedures. That experience this year has been something of a miracle in our lives.


‘Could I have Chronic Arachnoiditis?’
Where do I start on the whirlwind of the past month or so? A couple of months ago I had only ever vaguely heard of something called arachnoiditis. And to be honest I was at a stage where I was far too weary for much new medical research. But that word ‘arachnoiditis’ kept coming back up, it kept being thrust back into my view – however much I tried to avoid and run away from it.

Enduring the Pain of a Chronic Spinal CSF Leak

How it Feels To Have a Spinal CSF leak. Please note these symptoms are there every day without fail. This pattern is consistent each and every day.

Five Years Ago: A Poetic Reflection of my Spinal CSF Leak Journey

Five Years ago this week…
I fell from a small step ladder.
Five years ago this week – my life took a dramatically different turn.
Five years ago this week – I got sick and have never fully recovered.

Learning Patience: Eighteen Months of Spinal CSF Leak Recovery

Eighteen months since my fourth high volume lumbar epidural blood patch seemingly sealed my leak, I am still not back to where I was before my accident in January 2015.

My head, spine and nervous system still do not operate as they once did.

And yet…

Month by month I see more of the new ‘old me’ being restored.

Rising Again: My Year Of Spinal CSF Leak Recovery

The pathway of recovery, after a long term spinal fluid leak, is often a very long, arduous and immensely slow process. Even after successful treatment.

Finding A Way Through: My Spinal CSF Leak Recovery 

UPDATE: Please note that in August 2020 I was also diagnosed with arachnoiditis as well as a spinal CSF Leak – I now have radiological evidence to support both those diagnosis. To read more about the new diagnosis please see this link. Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time … Continue reading Finding A Way Through: My Spinal CSF Leak Recovery 

Learning Calmness: Flowing through life with a spinal CSF leak

I have learnt more than ever over those 2 years that inner CALMNESS is the only way to flow through life with a spinal CSF leak. Stress, worry, constantly pushing through symptoms too much and rushing about, simply make me feel incredibly ill and anxious.

Nine Months On: My Ongoing Journey Of Overcoming A Spinal CSF Leak. 

“Courage isn’t having strength to go on, it’s going on when you don’t have strength.” – Napoleon Bonaparte Each of us has a story. Our life stories are unique to us. Lives, circumstances and even illness and injury are not often ‘text book’.  We are all individuals and our lives and bodies are complex.  I want … Continue reading Nine Months On: My Ongoing Journey Of Overcoming A Spinal CSF Leak.